Chinmay Joshi
Software Engineer
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I am a Full Stack Software Engineer from Pune, India. Currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a technology enthusiast, keen learner, and a strong team player, who’s willing to be part of a team where, innovative and robust software is developed, to assist with everyday tasks of humankind.
  • I am well versed with Ruby and Ruby On Rails.
  • In databases, I like to work with MongoDB, DynamoDB and SQL.
  • Currently i am adapting to amazon web services (primarily working on lambda, api-gateways, ec2, s3, dynamodb) and serverless and microservices architecture.
  • I am fond of JavaScript, React.JS, Backbone.JS + Marionette.JS. I am expanding my UI skill set by learning redux, webpack and babel. I am comfortable working with Jest.
  • I can profoundly work with HTML, CSS and pre-processors (SCSS and LESS). I have a tremendous amount of affection towards User Experience (UI / UX).
  • I am experienced in application test suite setup using RSpec, Selenium WebDriver, and CI tool integrations with the deployment stack.
  • Working with the test driven development (TDD) as well as behavior driven development (BDD) is one of my expertise.
  • I can efficiently work with git, and project management tools, such as Confluence, JIRA, and Trello.
  • Presently I am working at Supahands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a 'Full Stack Software Engineer' (April 2018 - current).
  • Previously, I was worked at Amura marketing technologies, Pune, India, as a 'Full Stack Software Engineer', for two and the half years (December 2015 - April 2018).
  • and before that, I completed my internship at Amura marketing technologies, Pune, India, as a 'Software Engineer - Intern'.
  • Code management with Git and Github
  • Minimum Viable Product Rollout with ReactJS and Serverless Architecture -
  • What a developer can do to enhance User Experience? -
  • beautiful chaos of thoughts! - medium
  • - is a website for supahands sdn. bhd.
  • supa highway - an application to connect multiple projects together. Keeping their data in sync by running background jobs.
  • project-x-uploader - an application to speed up the process of uploading and matching CSV files with the backend database fields, which are being uploaded by project managers.
  • project-x-console - A tool to automate the process of project creation with the help of amazon web services and cloudformation.
  • - A completely customizable B2B platform for managing sales, and marketing of companies in any business domain.
  • - The Pages is a website building tool, to simplify the process of creating and managing websites, using different features such as drag and drop components, color graders, undo-redo, responsive utilities.
  • - The, is an internal process management system, to streamline the company’s process and enhance the end-to-end delivery of the routine tasks.
  • - A niche lead management software targeted towards Real Estate.
  • tilt - The vision behind this product is to have a platform where a user can create a list of songs he/she listens to every day. We believe, there is an emotion associated with every song. The platform will help the user to add new songs and create playlists, where he/she can openly or privately talk about his/her feelings associated with a piece of music.
  • randomcolorpicker - is a small project which generates random colors and color-shades for the selected color.
  • M.Sc. - Computer Science, from University Of Pune. with CGPA 5.200 / 6.
    College - Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune.
  • B.Sc. - Computer Science, from University Of Pune, Pune. with CGPA 5.000 / 6.
    College - Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune.